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Geography and THS Study Tour to Mongolia


37 S4 and S5 students participated in a 9-day-8-night study tour to Mongolia, co-organized by the Geography Panel, Tourism and Hospitality Studies Panel and Global Learning Committee, during the Easter Holidays. They took this unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia. 


Besides staying in Mongolian Gers, our students gained invaluable insights as they interacted with nomads and learned about their traditions and practices. 


Traversing desert landscapes on camelback provided not only an adventurous thrill but also a chance to appreciate and understand desert terrain. The geological wonders at Terelj National Park amazed our students and provoked them to delve into their formations.


In Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, our students studied its urban planning, gaining a deeper insight of how cities evolve and function. Visiting the largest cashmere factory offered a glimpse into the local industry, allowing the students to witness how science and technology drove changes in the typical labour-intensive industry.

Through the study tour, our students explored how the Monogolians preserve their nomadic culture and nature’s ecological beauty towards the country’s modernization in the globalized area of Mongolia. The trip is an enriching and transformative experience, not only allowing students to witness the miracles in the nature, but also to develop pride in, appreciation and understanding of, as well as respect and tolerance for each other’s culture. 


Mongolian culture has evolved from being purely nomadic to a mix of Chinese, Korean, and Russian cultures. Our students had a terrific time traveling around the globalized nation. Mongolia is still developing and modernizing, and our students are looking forward to the tourism development of the country.