STEM Education

STEM Education




1.     Develop a solid knowledge base among students and enhance their interests in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

2.     Strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge in solving daily life problems with practical solutions and innovative designs through hands-on activities.

3.     Strengthen the professional capacity of and collaboration among teachers in schools and the partnerships with community stakeholders.

4.     Nurture students to become effective lifelong learners equipped with appropriate knowledge, generic skills as well as values and attitudes necessary for facing future challenges.



Recent development of STEM@CCSC


Through the support of the Quality Education Fund (QEF), the “Inno Studio” was established in May 2023. The arrangement of the indoor space and furniture allows for more hands-on collaborative activities in our junior ICT lessons. Students are encouraged to use the Inno Studio for preparing external competition.


Furthermore, with the support of IT Innovation Lab Funding, our school has been able to organize a variety of courses to deepen students’ understand in the latest IT knowledge such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and internet of things (IoT). We hope to build a good IT foundation for our students early during their secondary school years.


With a hope of nurturing future STEM talents, our school has organised whole level hands-on experiential learning activities for S1 and S2 students to deepen their understand of subject knowledge. To further develop students who are interested/have good performance in STEM learning activity, our teachers have led them to participate various external visits and competitions. High achievers are also recommended to participate in the gifted programmes organized by local universities.