English has been used as the medium of instruction since the inception of the school. In view of the importance of the language and the future prospect of our students, more emphasis has been placed on English in recent years as a communicative medium at school with the implementation of the policy of English Campus, although attention is also paid to the promotion of Chinese Language and Putonghua. Different means are adopted to build up an English-rich environment for students:

  • except those subjects related to Chinese Language and Form-teacher Periods, the medium of instruction for all subjects is English;
  • EMI (English as the medium of instruction) teachers should communicate with students in English in general even beyond class time; 
  • students should communicate with EMI teachers in English in general even beyond class time;
  • school assemblies will in general be conducted in English;
  • promotional materials and guidelines prepared by the School will be mainly in English; and
  • an array of activities promoting English as a communicative medium will be held by different subject panels