S1 Adaptation

S1 Adaptation

              Support to S1 newcomers for getting prepared for secondary school life has already begun during the summer vacation and the adaptation programme extends into the second term of the new school year.



Support Measures

Summer Vacation

  • Orientation for newcomers and their parents
  • House orientation for newcomers
  • Bridging materials for self-learning
  • Preparatory classes of core subjects for selected students
  • Bridging course on Chinese
  • Course on critical thinking

Whole School Year

  • System of dual Form-teachers
  • Peer Counsellors Scheme
  • After-school revision class
  • Individual support from school personnel

First Term

  • Teachers adjusting classroom language and teaching pace to facilitate the adaption of students to learning in English
  • Tea gathering for parents
  • Remedial classes for selected students

Second Term

  • Remedial classes for selected students