Local Exchange with Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School

Local Exchange with Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School (SKSS) (2 May 2018 – 4 May 2018)

Our school held a local exchange programme with Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School from 2nd to 4th May. Six students from S4 had a taste of the school life at SKSS for three days while another six students from SKSS spent their time with our CCSC schoolmates in the same period.

Apart from attending normal lessons, the exchange students (in both SKSS and CCSC)  joined various sports and extra-curricular activities like  robotics projects, English debates and dodgeball matches. The buddies in both schools took very good care of the exchange students and they became really good friends in those three days. On the last day, the exchange students and the buddies even put on the school uniform of each other, strengthening their friendship further. 

The exchange students were able to experience different learning modes and try out various learning aids.  All of them agreed that the experience is precious and they are going to miss everything in their host school.

Cultural Fair

International Cultural Fair 24th November 2018


Three of our Global Learning Student Ambassadors joined the AFS Cultural Fair at Maryknoll Fathers' School. It is an annual event organized by the AFS Hong Kong, in which international students from more than 15 countries share their unique traditions with other participants. Our ambassadors experienced a virtual travel around the globe by visiting rooms hosted by exchange students from different countries, such as Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy and Japan. By playing group games and trying homemade snacks, they gained a much deeper insight into the culture, languages, and customs of different places.