Alumni Foundation Fund

Alumni Foundation Fund

CCSC Alumni Foundation Fund

Formally established in the academic year 2007 – 2008, the Fund was initiated by Mr. Hui Tin Fook David, a S7 graduate of class 1977, and endorsed by the Incorporated Management Committee. The Fund aims at promoting the holistic growth of students, especially nurturing among them moral values and social awareness, offering financial aid to underprivileged students to pursue their studies or participate in activities furthering their whole-person development, enhancing the public image of Cheung Chuk Shan College and honouring the current and past teachers of the School. The Management Committee, chaired by Mr. Hui Tin Fook David between 2007 and 2014 and then by Mr. Chung Yik Cheung Raymond (1976: S5) between 2014 and 2016, is now headed by Mr. Tsoi Sze Yeung (S5: 2002). It consists of a number of alumni and the Principal while it can appoint any person Honorary Advisor.

Apart from offering awards to students, the Fund sponsors a number of school projects, including language learning activities, moral education talks, the History Role-play Competition, service learning trips to China and Lunar New Year Fair Stall, with a view to facilitating the holistic growth of students. 


Recipients of Key Awards



Outstanding Services Awards

Commendable Service Awards

Star of CCSC Award

4E Ng Joesph Cho Yiu
6A Lau Cheung Hau
6A Sham Wai Lun
6B So Yat Ting
3E Choi Yuen Tsing
6A Ho Ho Kei
6A Tsai Hung Yu
6B Lee Oi Ming
3C Choi Lok Ting Surlinna
3E Siu Sheung Yuen
2B Cheung Sin Hang
2B Kwok Ming Hin
4C Choi Yuen Tsing
4D Cheung Mei Yi
6A Lam Chi Tak
6A Ng Joseph Cho Yiu
3B Kwok Kwun Fung
3D Kwan Hiu Lam
4B Siu Ka Yee
4B Siu Sheung Yuen
3A Siu Wing Tung
4C Kwan Hiu Lam
5A Chu Hoi Tik
5A Lai Man Sin
3B Luk Wing Lam
3E Li Ching Yee
5A Siu Sheung Yuen
5B Siu Ka Yee
6A Kwong Ming Kin
4D Siu Wing Tung
5A Li Ka Wa
5B Chan Tai Yin
5C Chan Natalie Lai Yee
5C Shum Lok Ting
3E Wong Chiu Kuen
4B Ng Hiu Yan
4D Yeung Sau Lan
4E Ng Jenny Cho Yee
5E Hui Ka Po
3B Liu Chun Wing
5B Po Ting Jun
4D Wong Chiu Kuen
5D Wong Yi Lok Trinity
5D Yeung Sau Lan
5E Ng Jenny Cho Ye
5E Wong Yuet Yi
4A Liu Chun Wing
4A Yeung Kwai Yu
4B Wong Lai Yan Ida
4B Yip Hung Mui
4C Fung Tsz Ching
5A Yeung Kwai Yu
5A Yip Hung Mui
5C Li Tsz Ying
5C Fung Tsz Ching
5D Wong Chiu Kuen
3B Wong Chun Chak
4A Hung Rebecca
4A Lam Yee Mei
5B Lee Curtise
5B Liu Chun Wing
1A Lai Pui Yi
3A Lee Choi Lam
5A Lam Yee Mei Mabel
5B Cheong Hoi Shing
5C Tse Chau Yu
5D Chan Tsz Man
3B Lau Sze Wing
3C Yuen Tinny NY
3D Chan Mei Yan
4D Leung Hoi Man
5C Tse Tin Oi Tasha
2B Lai Pui Yi
3A Li Tsz Yau Dorothy
3A Tam Amy Yeng Sen
4B Chan Mei Yam
4C Au Yeung Lok To
5B Fung Cheuk Yiu Veron
5B Leung Hoi Man Samantha
5B Leung Wai Sum Crystal
4B Sung Wing Yan
4C Chiu Ka Yu Krystal
4C Ho Hoi Man
4D Lei Sum Yee
4D Sze Yuen Yu
4B Li Tsz Yau Dorothy
4B Xu Hanming
4B Tsoi Wai Ying Vivian
4D Lai Tsz Ying
4D Yan Chi Ho
5C Chiu Ka Yu
5D Wong Tsz Yan Emily
4B Lau Chun Ho
4C Fu Shuhua
4D Lam Ngok Ting
4E Hu Tim Wa
5D Tong Kwan Kiu
5C Tam Amy Yen Sen
2017-18 4B  Yu Chun Wai
4C  Chan Sze Wing
5A  Yue Man Huen
5D  Lai Tsz Ying
5D  Lam Ngok Ting
4B  Yen Hiu Tong
4C  Cheng Hoi Man
5A  Fong Wai Kit
5C  Lau Yu Chau
5E  Lam Tsam Yi
1E  Wong Sum Yi
5B  Chan Sze Wing
5B  Lai Pui Yi
5B  Leung Pak Ho
5B  Tam Ching Hin Anfield
5B  Yeung Tai Kiu
5B  Yung Long
5D  Wong Sze Man
5E  Ng Henry
2018-19 4B  Wong Hoi Ching
4E  Kwok Wang Chiu
4E  Zhou Nok Lok
5D  Chan Wing Tung
5D  Lee Nok Yiu
4C  Chan Wing Sum
4D  Fong Ka Wai
5B  Yu Chun Wai
5C  Chan Sze Wing
5D  Ma Lan
1C  Ong Tin Long
2B  Wong Sum
2019-20 N/A
(due to class suspension)
(due to class suspension)
2D  Koo Ching Ling

To sustain its success, the Fund needs the support of the alumni. Send a crossed cheque payable to “The Incorporated Management Committee of Cheung Chuk Shan College” to us! Don’t forget to write down on the back of the cheque your name, the year of graduation (S5) and contact information besides stating that the donation is for the Fund so that a receipt can be issued to you.