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S1 Admission Talk 2019-20
30 Nov 2019
Due to popular demand, 2 identical admission talks (morning session & afternoon session) will be held this year on 30 Nov 2019 (Sat). Registration for the two talks are now open to public. Please check the time slots and complete the registration procedure below. We look forward to seeing you in our Admission Talk 2019-20.
School Library
A book holds a house of gold.
Besides having a rich collection of books, our school library is a superb place for revision and completing assignments.
Information Session on Application for S1 Discretionary Places
30 Nov 2019
The unstable social condition explained why the programme was adjusted with just 1 admission talk and board display arranged. Yet, still nearly 1,000 primary pupils and their parents turned up for the function. To help them understand the school development better, there was an introduction of the work of the school and the student achievements while student representatives shared their school lives with the audience, who raised different questions about the admission mechanism.

Q and A for application for 2020-21
Distribution of PS in SSPA 2019 (1)
Distribution of PS in SSPA 2019 (2)

Butterfly Corner
Green, Green, Green!
Butterfly Corner is an environmentally-friendly corner with a wide range of plants, which can attract butterflies to lay their eggs.

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School Events

  • Launching of Preparation for Anniversary Celebration Activities

Preparation work for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the School formally commenced today with the calling of the first meeting of the Golden Jubilee Activities Coordination Committee. Besides the organization of an open day, setting up of a gallery of school history, publication of a school magazine and the holding of an anniversary dinner, there would be fundraising efforts. Let’s fully support those celebration activities, shall we?
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Latest News

  • 2019 HKDSE Exam Results

The performance of our S6 students in the HKDSE Examination is pleasing. Besides 2 students capturing 4 L5** and 3 L5*, each student on average has gained 2.85 L5s or above. Congratulations to their success and hope our students can be admitted to their favourite tertiary programmes!

2019 HKDSE and University Admission
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