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OSA election 2019 – 2020


Dear Alumni,

We would like to invite you to vote in the OSA election 2019 – 2020. You can cast your vote either by coming back to school in person on 21 September 2019 to put your vote in the ballot box at school office (9am-12nn), attending the Annual General Meeting on 21 September 2019, or by proxy (online). The proxy period starts from 14 September 2019 and ends at 11:59pm on 20 September 2019.

Welcome all of you to the Annual General Meeting. Details for the Meeting are as follows:

Date: 21st September, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Geography Room, 5/F, Cheung Chuk Shan College

Thank you for your attention.

Best wishes,


Proxy form:

Promotion material:


Candidates for Executive Committee members (2019-2020)

Post Name Year of graduation
Chairman Tung Ling Chi, Linda (董靈芝) 1995 (F.5)
Vice Chairman Yeung Peggy (楊斌琪) 1990 (F.5)
Vice Chairman Kuo Alex (郭宇明) 1990 (F.5)
Financial Secretary Leung Chun Kau (梁鎮球) 2005 (F.5)
General Secretary Fu Lok Yi, Alice (傅樂怡) 2000 (F.5)
Publication Secretary Chan Mang Kiu, Ching (陳漫橋) 1992 (F.5)
Information Technology Secretary Lam Yu Hang, Wallace (林宇衡) 1992 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Tung Tin (董天) 1995 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Chan Tsui Wah (陳翠華) 1992 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Cheung Ching Wun, Jennifer (張靜媛) 1999 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Cheung Parco (張栢豪) 2017 (F.6)
Executive Committee Member Chan Suk Man, Pamela (陳淑雯) 1980 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Leung Chi Wai, Allen (梁志偉) 1975 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Lam Yan Ki (林欣琪) 2009 (F.5)
Executive Committee Member Koo Fong Ngai, Benny (高方毅) 1990 (F.5)


Notice on formation of Executive Committee Election Committee, 2019-2020

16 August 2019


The CCSC OSA executive committee has appointed Miss Kwok Yuen Ching, Dorothy (General Secretary of OSA, 2014-2016) to be the Returning Officer of the newly formed Executive Committee Election Committee.

The other members of the Committee are as follows:
– Tsoi Sze Yeung, Simon (Chairman of OSA, 2012-2014)
Any complaints shall be lodged to Miss Kwok within 7 days. (Email: osaelection@live.ccsc.edu.hk )

Yours sincerely,
CCSC OSA, session 2018 – 2019

Nomination Notice:

Nomination Form: