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Global Learning Committee

Global Learning Committee


Global Learning Committee



“Cultural Diversity Is the Greatest Strength of Humanity.”  Through the organization of study tours, Mainland service learning trips, international exchange sessions, local exchange programmes, cultural fairs as well as the participation in language courses, we aim to promote students’ empathy for cross-cultural diversity and global awareness. These activities not only broaden their horizons, but also allow them to view the world with a different lens.


Programmes to be held:

1.     Overseas and Mainland Exchange Tours

2.     Overseas and Mainland Service Learning Trips

2.     One-year and Summer Exchange Programmes

3.     Hosting Overseas Exchange Students

4.     Local Exchange Programmes

5.     Cultural Fairs

6.     Foreign Language Courses

7.     Sister-school Exchange Scheme


Members of the Committee:

1.  Miss Szeto (Chairperson)

2.  Miss D. Kwok (Vice-Chairperson)

3.  Mr. V. Tam (Secretary)

4.  Mr. J. Chan

5.  Mr. R. Chan

6.  Mr. J. Fan