General Policy

Policy on Admission

A. S1 Admission
Primary 6 pupils are admitted to our School every year only by applying for discretionary places or through the mechanism of central allocation of the Education Bureau. A briefing on the application for discretionary places will be held in late November or early December every year. The guidelines on the application for discretionary places and the application form can be downloaded from the web site of our School starting from mid-November.

B. S2 & S3 Admission
Applications for transfers during the middle of a school year will not be accepted. To apply for a transfer in the following school year, an applicant must excel in the academic field, including core subjects, i.e. English Language, Chinese Language and Mathematics, and extra-curricular activities, while the overall conduct grade for the latest school year (for S2 admission) or latest 2 school years (for S3 admission) must be at least A- . An applicant should submit an application letter, together with the documents needed, to our School by mail or in person between early and mid-June. Eligible candidates will be invited to sit for an entrance examination before early July and an interview will be arranged for applicants shortlisted afterwards. Those applicants who are not informed of the registration arrangement before 27 July 2020 consider their applications to be unsuccessful.

C. S4 – S6 Admission
No applications for transfers for these forms will be considered.