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Discipline Board

Discipline Board


The Discipline Board of CCSC works:

  1. to maintain order and discipline in the school, creating an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning;
  2. to cultivate among students the virtues of self-discipline, self-respect and mutual respect;
  3. to inculcate in students a good personality and a sense of responsibility;
  4. to help misbehaving students understand and overcome their problems.

The Board is responsible for drafting, revising and enforcing school rules, taking disciplinary measures, handling cases as well as implementing remedial work. To achieve our aims, we also organize various activities like talks, exhibitions and competitions.

Besides, we supervise the operation of the Prefect Body, whose members are handpicked to serve as positive role models for their schoolmates, and collaborate closely with the Pupil Guidance Team, the school social workers and parents so that behavioural problems among students can be detected and addressed as early as possible.


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