Policy on Promotion & Retention

A.    Objectives of Promotion Policy
1.     To recognize the satisfactory academic performance and behavour of students
2.     To meet the special needs of students

B.    Objectives of Retention Policy
1.     To help weak students prepare better for their next stage of learning by providing an additional year of instruction to address their inadequate knowledge base and skills mastery
2.     To induce students with serious behavioural problems to reflect on their errors so that they can improve their conduct and their adverse effect on other students can then be lessened

C.    Promotion Criteria
Students meeting the following conditions can be promoted in the following academic year:
1.     S1 – S3
a.     Passing all core subjects (English Language, Chinese Language & Mathematics)
b.     Passing the annual average marks
c.     Passing more than half of the academic subjects
d.     Passing more than half of the subjects assessed with grades
e.     Getting a pass in the conduct grade

2.     S4 & S5
a.     Passing at least 3 core subjects (English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics [not including Extended Modules] & Liberal Studies)
b.     Passing the annual average marks
c.     Passing at least 2 electives regardless of whether 2 or 3 electives are taken [including Mathematics Extended Modules]
d.     Getting a pass in the conduct grade

D.    Implementation of Policy on Promotion and Retention
1.     Students meeting the promotion criteria will be promoted whereas those failing to fulfil them will have to repeat.
2.     S4 & S5 borderline cases will be reviewed in a promotion conference before the final staff meeting, when those of other forms will also be discussed. The promotion / retention decisions made subsequently are final. No cases of appeal will be entertained.
3.     Under special circumstances, students can be promoted even if they do not meet the promotion criteria.
4.     Retention is not used as a way to hold a student back just due to parental wishes when his/her performance does not warrant it or when the School feels retention is inappropriate.