Policy on Handling Students with Special Educational Needs

A.    Objectives
     1.  To guarantee students with special educational needs (SEN) have equitable access to learning as well as opportunities for making progress and developing their potential;
     2.  To integrate students with SEN successfully into the school community.

B.    Arrangements
     1.  Internal and external resources and support available are deployed to cater for the learning needs of students with SEN.
     2.  Students with SEN are handled by the SEN Coordinator and the SEN Team of the Pupil Guidance Team in collaboration with their subject teachers and parents.
     3.  The Pupil Guidance Team makes relevant recommendations to the school after identifying the adjustments needed in school facilities, classroom setting, class allocation, curriculum, assessment and discipline requirements for those students with SEN.
     4.  Suitable Form-teachers are assigned to classes with students with SEN.
     5.  The Pupil Guidance Team liaises with different school personnel and other external bodies in providing support needed for those students with SEN apart from monitoring their progress and planning the follow-up work needed for them.
     6.  Suitable staff members would be nominated to attend courses on handling students with SEN.
     7.  Information about the SEN of a student can be disclosed to other students or parents only upon the consent of the parents concerned.