Photos of CCSC
Photo Description
The statue of the person that the School was named after – Cheung Chuk Shan, a renowned Chinese merchant in the early 20th century.
The campus of Our School is marked by a magnificent and concave building with a history of more than 40 years.
With professional equipment, our Campus TV team produces high-quality weekly and monthly programmes, bringing joy to everyone in CCSC.
A corner of the Campus TV Studio, where a lot of filming and production work is done.
Besides having a rich collection of books, our school library is a superb place for revision and completing assignments.
Having been renovated, the rooftop basketball court offers a better place for students to improve their skills.
A former Physical Education Storeroom was converted into a fitness room with a complete set of equipment to encourage students to build their bodies.
Students’ works are displayed in the corridors of different walls to allow them to showcase their talents.
The main entrance of our lovely and comfortable campus
The Butterfly Corner is an environmentally-friendly area with a wide range of plants, which can attract butterflies to lay their eggs.
Artworks of students are displayed at the main entrance of the School.
Another angle of the campus of our School
The mascots of our 4 Houses can be found on the wall next to the main entrance of the School.
Expression of gratitude to teachers
Exhilarating experiences during assemblies
Our versatile students
Ready to dive
Our Honorable Guest and Members of the Incorporated Management Committee at the Speech Day
Our Strong Support to Our Schoolmate
Overseas study tour
CCSC Sage Elder Academy
History Role-play Competition
Joyful moment
Our Chinese Orchestra performing during the Christmas programme