OLE Coordination Committee


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  • As one of the three components of the senior secondary curriculum, OLE are in line with the core and elective subjects to provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum. 


  • Through self-reflection on OLE, students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, set personal goals and develop career aspirations. 


  • The implementation of OLE let students have a balanced development in the intellectual, moral and ethical, aesthetic, social, physical and emotional spheres. The expected outcomes of students include: 

– becoming active, informed and responsible citizens;

– developing respect for plural values and interests in the arts; 

– adopting a healthy lifestyle; and

– enhancing career aspirations and positive work ethics.

Roles of the commitee:

  • Ensure each senior secondary student has an organized Student Learning Profile (SLP) that shows their achievements during their senior secondary studies.


  • Ensure the senior secondary students have sufficient opportunities and more evenly distributed types of OLEs. 


  • Providing the junior secondary students opportunities to join community services.


Committee members:

Mr. Au Yeung (Chairman)

Mr T.C. Lee (Vice-chairman)

Mr. A. Tam (Vice-chairman)

Mr. J. Chan

Miss N.M. Chan

Mr. G Lui

Miss Tung


Community Services Student Team (CSST)

The Community Services Student Team (CSST) (formerly the Social Services Group) is a student body under the supervision of the OLE Coordination Committee. It was established in 2009. Students who are willing to devote their time to community services are recruited every academic year. The CSST helps to organize various community service programmes, e.g. visits to people and communities in need of support and assistance, and provides manpower for some community service related activities or ad-hoc charitable activities. Regular services are also organized by the CSST every year.


Main Tasks / Activities of the Committee:

1. Administration of S4-5 OLE record and S6 Student Learning Profile

      • Organizing talks to inform students of the structure and requirements of OLE under the senior secondary curriculum
      • Conducting training sessions that guide students to reflect on their learning experiences and achievement and write up their ‘self-accounts’

2. Activities related to Career-related Experiences and Aesthetic Development:

      • Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts smARTs Programme(drama workshop and film appreciation session)
      • JA Success Skills Workshops by The Junior Achievement Hong Kong (workshop to develop their communication and cooperation skills)

3. Community Service:

      • Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital – Charity Walkathon and Carnival
      • S2 service programme (Training and preparation during form teacher periods, follow by a service outing)


      • CCSC SAGE Elder Academy: Elderly Courses and voluntary work at the centre (SAGE: The Hong Kong Society for the Aged)


      • One-off or Short-term Service Programme


      • Regular services


      • CCSC SAGE Elder Academy: Interest classes and IT ambassador scheme during summer vacation


4. Others:

      • Handling of promotional materials of OLE activities provided by external bodies (with/without school enrolment)
      • Interview for the CCSC Alumni Foundation Fund Service Award


About CCSC SAGE Elder Academy

The Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Elderly Commission launched a school-based Elder Academy Scheme in early 2007.
“CCSC SAGE Elder Academy” was set up on the 1st September, 2008, co-organized by Cheung Chuk Shan College and the Eastern District Elderly Community Centre, Hong Kong Society for the Aged.
Various elder learning courses were held so far, such as computer courses, dessert course and smart-phone course. These programmes have also provided good opportunities for our students to act as volunteers and help elderly in their life-long learning.
Please visit the website of Elder Academy ( http://www.elderacademy.org.hk/ ) to know more about it.