Moral  & Civic Education Committee

I. Members

Chairperson: Mr. S.M. Wong

Vice-chairpersons: Mr. A. Tam, Miss Lai

Secretary: Miss N.M. Chan

Committee Members: Miss Chang, Mr. Sing, Mr. S.O. Wong & Mr. Tong


II. Aims

Moral and Civic Education aims to make students become civic-minded and help them develop proper moral values.


III. Main Activities

1.  Moral Education Camp (S1): Through a series of disciplinary training activities, students can develop better self-discipline and self-confidence.

2.  Form-teacher Periods:

a. Value education on a level basis with due focuses

b. Reinforcing class building through different activities

c. Talks and workshops

3.  Other Activities:

a. Classroom Cleanliness Inspection

b. Talks in assemblies

c. Online quizzes on current news (S1-S3)

d. Programmes related to sex education

e. Talks and visits on local heritage and culture

f. Talks on the rule of law and human rights

g. ICAC Anti-corruption activity