Life-wide Learning Co-ordination Committee

  1.  Members
    Chairperson : Miss Yung
    Vice-chairperson: Mr. C. M. Chan
    Committee Members: Miss F. Chan, Mr. Chu, Mr. Fan & Mr. Tong
  2. Aims

    1. To provide student-centred life-wide learning opportunities catering for individual differences in promoting students’ intellectual, social, moral, physical and aesthetic development.
    2. To enable students to attain all-round development.
    3. To unleash creativity of students.
    4. To ascertain the smooth running of life-wide learning activities so as to foster the spirit of inquiry, establish an ideal setting for developing students’ social skills, help students develop their creativity and aesthetic awareness and assist students in discovering and realizing their talents and potential.
    5. To help students develop leadership qualities, a sense of responsibility and a serious attitude in serving.

  3. Main Activities

    1. Leadership Training Programmes
      1. Leadership training camp (Summer)
      2. Training session on programme planning (September)
    2. Fun Fair (October)
    3. Life-wide Learning Day (November)
    4. Artistic Week (December)
    5. Christmas Programme (December)
    6. Academic Week (March)
    7. External Leadership Training Programmes (Whole Year)

    1. Extra-Curricular Activities and Service Honour Award
      ECA & Service Honour (S1 – S6 students) is awarded to students (with a good conduct grade) for outstanding performance and contribution in extra-curricular activities (ECA) and community service. Outstanding Student Leadership Award is awarded to students with excellent performance and leadership in ECA and community service.
    2. ECA Self-recommendation Scheme
      A self-recommendation scheme is introduced for S3-S4 students. They can apply for key posts of clubs and houses in the coming year. All application forms would be submitted to the supervisors concerned for consideration.
    3. One Sport and One Art Throughout Life in S1
      ALL new S1 students must enroll in a music, sport or an art course in S1 except those who are taking such lessons or undergoing regular training in uniform groups like Scouts outside school would be exempted from such requirement.
    4. Extra fund for disadvantaged students
      1. Jockey Club Life-wide Learning (JC LWL) Fund
      2. School-based Grant under the School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
      3. Artistic Week (December)
  4. Students’ Bodies
    1. Students’ Association
    3. ACADEMIC GROUPS: Business Association, Chinese Association, English Society, Geography and Conservancy Society, History Society, Information Technology Club, Liberal Studies Association, Mathematics Club, Putonghua Club & Science Club
    4. INTEREST GROUPS: Astronomy Club, AYP Club, Campus TV, Chess and Board Games Club, Flora & Fauna Club, Reading Club & Reporters’ Club
    5. ARTISTIC GROUPS: Art Club, Drama Club, Home Economics Club, Magic Club, Music Association & Photographic Club
    6. SPORTS CLUB: Sports Association
    7. SERVICES TEAMS: Backstage Team, Christian Fellowship, IT Prefects, Prefect Body, Red Cross Youth Team & Student Librarian Team
  5. School Teams

    1. Music Teams
      Junior Choir
      Senior Ensemble Singing Group
      School Band
      String Orchestra
      Chinese Orchestra
      Hand Bells Team
    2. Sports Teams
      Archery Teams
      Basketball Teams
      Table-Tennis Teams
      Badminton Teams
      Squash Team
      Athletics Team
      Indoor Rowing Team
      Swimming Team
      Football Team