Incorporated Management Committee

Incorporated Management Committee
Honorary Supervisor Mrs. Irene Cheung Yok Luen, M.B.E, J.P.
Supervisor Mr. Chan Kam Toi
Sponsoring Body Managers Mr. Tang Hon Chau Michael
Mr. Chu Sek Lam
Mr. Leung Sau Chi, BH, JP
Mr. Au Yeung Wing Kenneth
Mr. Chan Hung Kee, MBE, JP
Mr. Chan Chung Wai
Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager Mr. Yuen Tze Lam
Principal Mr. Au Chun Keung
Teacher Manager Mr. Lam Wai Sum
Alternate Teacher Manager Mr. Ng Ho Bun
Parent Manager Mr. Yung Shek Shing
Alternate Parent Manager Mrs. Poon Ng Ching Yee Jenny
Alumni Manager Mr. Koo Fong Ngai
Independent Manager Mr. Cheung Kui Tong Raymond

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Incorporated Management Committee from the Education Bureau of HKSAR