To realize the vision and mission as well as implement its motto, the School carries out various measures to sharpen the learning skills of students:

1. provision of a learning style and note-taking programme for S1;
2. holding of a critical reading skills workshop for S3;
3. introduction of such basic reading techniques as skimming and scanning by English and Chinese teachers;
4. adoption of effective teaching pedagogy to promote the culture of active learning;
5. adjustment of teaching strategies with reference to the assessment outcomes and class performance of students;
6. sharing of revision skills and analysis of past assessment questions by subject teachers in class;
7. arrangement of remedial and enhancement classes by different subjects;
8. support given to S1 by Peer Counsellors;
9. offer of individual guidance to students in need; and
10. organization of relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and nomination of students to participate in external competitions facilitating the development of learning skills.