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Camp PULSE 2018

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4 S3-5 students joined the programme from 29 July to 13 August 2018. The students participated in lessons and projects to enrich their understanding on moral values such as social justice, racism and gender equality. Outside the classroom, our students met with the local citizens from all over the world and developed intercultural skills to communicate with people from different backgrounds. They have learnt and enjoyed a lot in the trip.

The following are the reflections written by two of the participants of the camp.

Our trip to canada is surely a once in a lifetime experience. During the camp, other than what you normally do when travelling such as shopping and visiting monuments, we had lessons that made us understand more about social justice, along with some more that introduced us French. Joining Camp PULSE not only granted me an opportunity to explore a country that I’ve never been to, it also gave me the chance to make friends with people living thousands of miles away, and with different origins. Camp PULSE gave me some of the best momemts of my life and it’s something that I’ll always look back on.

5B Hong Man Kwan, Marco

Joining this Camp PULSE means a lot to me. Lessons arranged not only let me share more about myself and get to know each other more, but also made me think more about social injustice and other interpersonal issues, either in wartime or in current days. It also offered me a great opportunity to explore Canada, the country with people from different parts of the world and meet new friends, including the local instructors and peers coming along with me.

5B Hung Yin Kwan, Sam


Tokyo Historical and Cultural Exchange Tour

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Co-organized by the departments of History, Chinese History and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS), the exchange tour extended the students’ horizons by providing them with a fruitful and meaningful itinerary.

The participants were required to find their own routes and ways to reach different destinations. Adventuring around Yokohama and Tokyo, they appreciated the work of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the “great revolutionary forerunner”, when he escaped to Japan and also his historical legacy. They also got to know why the Yasukuni Shrine is at the centre of an international controversy.

Last but not least, the exchange with the students from Waseda University and kimono experiences familiarized the participants with the virtues of Japanese culture, tradition and lifestyle.



Australia Study Tour

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In summer 2018, 38 S2 – S4 students and 4 teachers went on a twelve-day English exchange tour to Cairns, Australia. Staying in host families, playing and singing with foreign students and paying a visit to the Great Barrier Reefs and understanding wildlife conservation, the students have not only boosted their English proficiency, but they have also gained the precious opportunity to appreciate the life and culture of the other side of the globe.


Dalian, Shenyang Tour 2018

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20 S4 students, including our exchange student this year, Nicolo, took part in the tour held from 27 April to 1 May 2018. The aim of the tour was to offer students a more in-depth look at the people and events which shaped the modern history of North-east China. The students visited many famous historical sites including the Museum of Lushun Prison, Commander Zhang’s Mansion and Mukden Palace. They also visited a local school and had some interactions with the students there. Our students got to know a lot more about the culture, architecture and history of North-east China


Guizhou Culture and Voluntary Teaching Service Trip 2018

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6 S4 students participated in the tour held from 1 April to 5 April 2018. They were responsible for teaching students from a primary school in Guizhou, and were also invited to experience what life is like in local farming villages. Our students experienced first-hand the poor living conditions of children in China, and the desire that those children have towards learning. They learnt to cherish what they have now.


Geography Field Trip to Vietnam

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The 7-day-6-night trip to Vietnam was completed with great success in the Easter Holiday from 27/3 to 2/4! 37 S4 and S5 students learned about the geography, history and culture of Vietnam through various visits and tours, including a visit to a bee farm, a pepper farm, a war prison, a national park on Phu Quoc Island, a war museum in Ho Chi Minh City, the war tunnels in Cu Chi and the productive Mekong Delta. Students will share what they have learnt with their schoolmates in the assembly in the coming November. Stay tuned!


History and cultural exchange tour to Poland

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In view of the increasing bonds between China and the Belt and Road countries, we organized an exchange tour to Poland in April this year to broaden our students’ horizons concerning the latest social, economic and cultural development of Poland as well as her miserable past during the Second War World and the Cold War. Subsidized by the “Funding Scheme for Exchange in Belt and Road Countries” under the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, 22 students visited this culturally and historically rich country and had an array of exchange activities with the locals. Attached please find the income and expenses report of this tour.

income and expenses.pdf


An Exploration into the History, Culture and Economic Development of Xian – Starting Point of Silk Road

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30 students had a valuable opportunity to learn Chinese History outside classroom by exploring Xian, one of the four “Great Ancient Capitals” in China. They had also developed an insight into ancient Chinese architecture and culture of different dynasties after visiting the museums and temples there. What’s more, inspirations on economic development were also gained from the sharing of a staff member from BYD, a multinational electric vehicle company.


Dongguan Tour 2017

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“How can we obtain fresh water from China?”

“How do mainland enterprises apply STEM in production?”

“How can we strike a balance between economic development and environmental protection?”

All the Form 3 students could find clues for the answers by visiting the water supply plant, high-tech enterprises and ancient villages in Dongguan. The 2-day-1-night tour could broaden students’ horizons and deepen their understanding of the link between Hong Kong and China as well as the socio-economic development of the latter.


P.U.L.S.E Summer Camp in Canada

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6 S4 students joined the programme from 30 July to 14 August 2017. The students participated in lessons and activities such as city tracing to enrich their understanding of leadership and social justice. During the lessons, the students explored and reflected on their potential and willingness to make a positive social impact through the lens of global leadership. Out of the classroom, our students met other students from all over the world and developed intercultural skills by interacting with people of differing backgrounds. Our students enjoyed the camp a lot.

The following is a reflection written by Leung Chi Yan of S4C, one of the participants of the camp.

During my summer vacation, I joined a two-week exchange program to Canada– Camp Pulse. It is a really remarkable experience in my life and has indeed changed me a lot.
The camp was organized by Alpha Education, which is a non-profit educational NGO and a registered charity in Canada. In the morning of the first five days, we had lessons and discussions about different topics such as “Comfort Women” and “Identities”. In the afternoon, we visited tourist attractions such as the Niagara Falls, and even tried rafting in the Grand River. Moreover, we played different games to break the ice and develop friendship among the participants regardless of nationality and identity. During these few days, I made two new friends, Caitlin and Brenna from Canada.
In the next three days, we went to the capital of Canada, Ottawa. We visited the political hub of Canada, the Parliament Hill and watched the Changing of the Guard ceremony. It was quite impressive to see the loyalty of the guards and to know how much Canadians love their country. Also, we went to the Canadian Museum of History and had a deeper look of the history of Canada. We learnt more about the Canadian-American War in 1812, as well as how the original habitants of Canada, the indigenous people, were poorly treated by the British and French in the past. It was a meaningful visit and guided me to think deeply about colonial policies. I was genuinely upset to hear the incidents that happened to the indigenous people.
After that, we went back to Toronto and finished the last few lessons. Furthermore, we had many group activities, like our FANTASTIC group project and city trekking. These were memorable moments in my life.
Time flies and we had to say our goodbyes. Although I know that everything has its end, I could not help crying. On account of you guys, I had a meaningful summer vacation and learnt a lot more about the world! My life has become more perfect thanks to all the experiences that we shared, and I am more than glad that our paths crossed. May our paths cross again!


Jeju Tour 2017

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“ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo!” (How are you? in Korean) A group of 66 students, escorted by 6 teachers, headed to Jeju Island, Korea in July 2017 for the second time in CCSC history. Based on the theme of “Geotourism”, the itinerary was tailor-made for Geography and Tourism & Hospitality Studies (THS) students. The sharing session before departure was touching and meaningful!


Voluntary Teaching Service in Guilin, Guangxi (13-17 Apr 2017)

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Five senior form students (5A Yuki Kwok Ching Yuk, 5B Snow Jiang Xue, 5D Cherry Lee Choi Lam, Julia Zhu Xin Yi, and 6B Leung Wai Sum) took part in the voluntary teaching service organized by East Kowloon Youth Society from 13 April to 17 April 2017. Here are some of their reflections on the fruitful experiences:

I would never forget the lovely faces of my little students and the beautiful scenery of Guilin. Also, the traditional taro braised pork was so delicious and I miss it so much!

5B Snow Jiang Xue

The pure and innocent smile of children who live in poverty impressed me, so did the natural beauty of Guilin, which contains no artificial elements.

5D Julia Zhu Xin Yi

In this Guilin teaching tour, I visited different historical sites and enjoyed the unique local shows, which all deepened my understanding and aroused my interest in traditional Chinese culture. I was also fortunate to visit this paradise in order to see such beautiful scenery. The most impressive memory for me is the moment I met the children. Although we did not know each other, I could not see any distance between us. Every small move, every smile or every act to hold my hands was the most precious present for me!

5D Cherry Lee Choi Lam