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Eastern District Secondary Schools Parade

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Eastern District Secondary Schools Parade

Parents and primary pupils joined the activity with a view to collecting more information about different schools in the Eastern District. Our booth drew a lot of visitors, who managed to understand the features and admission mechanism of the School more with the detailed feedback of our staff members, parent representatives and student helpers to the inquiries put forward.


Assembly 4

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Assembly 4

Besides announcing that Mr. Leung Sau Chi, BH, JP, second Principal and IMC Manager of our School, passed away on 8 Nov 2017, the Principal stressed in his speech the importance of the attitude of a student in improving his academic performance. The speech was followed by a S.T.E.M talk co-organized by MTR and Junior Achievement Hong Kong. Representatives from MTR introduced how MTR lines and stations were built. Also they shared how S.T.E.M. skills were applied in the process of making MTR stations environmentally sustainable, accessible to the community, and user friendly.


Assembly 3

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Assembly 3

The assembly started with the Principal’s speech, in which he stressed the importance of keeping integrity and commitments to others. The Principal also highlighted different celebration activities of the upcoming 50th Anniversary. After all, the School Junior Choir presented a musical “The Sound of Music”. Lastly the students participating in the study tours to South Korea and Taiwan shared their experiences in the two places respectively.


Inter-School Swimming Competition

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Inter-School Swimming Competition

Our school team participated the Inter-School Swimming Competition at the Victoria Park Swimming Pool. It was held on the 13 & 19 Oct 2017. There were 35 schools to compete all the events.

We sent 33 swimmers to compete in the game, our C grade girls swimmers performed well in the game, won the 3rd runner-up in the 4x50m free style relay event.

Thanks for the efforts of our swimming team members.


Secondary Schools Exhibition

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Secondary Schools Exhibition

Organized by the Federation of PTA of Hong Kong Eastern District, the activity allowed the visitors to know more about the secondary schools of the district. A lot of them were eager to understand the admission mechanism and interview arrangements for applicants for S1 discretionary places as well as the development of our School.


Assembly 2

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Assembly 2

The Principal shared with the whole school during the assembly stories of perseverance of 2 famous people in order to encourage the students to identify themselves with the value. Then during the prize presentation, Ms Christina Fu, an alumna, and her husband, Mr Roy Yung, two of the patrons of the JY Excellent Athletes Award, were invited to give away the prizes to those students excelling in sports. After that, the three candidate cabinets of the Students’ Association introduced themselves, explained their platforms and answered questions raised by the schoolmates.


S1 Parents’ Orientation Session

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on S1 Parents’ Orientation Session

S1 parents were invited to the orientation session on the night of 8 Sept 2017 with a view to facilitating home-school communication. Apart from the introduction of an app allowing online replies to school circulars, the support given by the School to the learning and personal growth of students was explained to the participants. Useful advice on parenting was also offered so that parents could nurture their children more effectively.

Launching of Preparation for Anniversary Celebration Activities

CCSC Latest News, School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Launching of Preparation for Anniversary Celebration Activities

Preparation work for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the School formally commenced today with the calling of the first meeting of the Golden Jubilee Activities Coordination Committee. Besides the organization of an open day, setting up of a gallery of school history, publication of a school magazine and the holding of an anniversary dinner, there would be fundraising efforts. Let’s fully support those celebration activities, shall we?


Chinese Debate Team Orientation Camp

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Chinese Debate Team Orientation Camp

To welcome the newcomers, the Chinese Debate Team Orientation Camp was held on 2-3 September 2017. Activities such as detective game and campfire dancing were organized in order to enhance the cohesion of the team. Thanks to the support of the team coach, Miss Cheng Hoi Shing, the event was successfully held.


Assembly 1

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Assembly 1

The Principal welcomed all students back to school in the Assembly and delivered important messages about studies and school rules to students. In his speech, he also encouraged students to communicate with others in English. The speech was followed by an inauguration ceremony of the Prefect Body. Lastly, we had a self-introduction of the exchange student, Nicolo Galli, who came from Italy, followed by the joint House Meeting.


Staff Development Day

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on Staff Development Day

Aiming at enhancing the cohesion of staff members and inspiring them to teaching being a passion-driven career, the first Staff Development Day was held on 22 August 2017.
Team building activities, such as designing school tours for different stakeholders and the school-orienteering game, were organised to initiate the work of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the School in the 2018-19 academic year. A workshop hosted by guest speakers from The Methodist Church and featuring the film, 3 Idiots, was then conducted. The speakers shared the message that education should help develop their character and potential rather than just focus on the academic performance of our students.
The active and thorough participation of all staff members made the day a precious and fruitful one!


S1 Parent-Child Orientation Day

CCSC School Events 2017-18 Comments Off on S1 Parent-Child Orientation Day

We welcome our new S1 members and their parents by providing them with information about the school policy and school regulations as well as reminders for both parties on how to better prepare for and adapt to the new life. The achievements of students taking various art and music interest classes were also demonstrated to the participants for a glimpse of school life.