School Events 2016-17

Assembly 10

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In his speech at the beginning of the assembly, the Principal brought out the importance of commitment through a story. After that, the winners in the Instrumental Competitions, Verse Speaking and Public Speaking organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association performed their winning pieces. The performances were interleaved by a Junior English debate demonstration. Next, some participants of the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme shared their experience in the service programs they had joined. The assembly ended with a demonstration of the joyful exercise, which is an activity promoted by Joyful Jockey Club Love to Move Program aiming at enhancing students’ emotional well-being.


Experiential Learning Series on “Poverty”

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Eighteen S4 students studied the demography, allocation of community resources and quality of life in Sham Shui Po under the guidance of social workers from YWCA. They also carried out in-depth investigation into the life of scavengers and the homeless through visits and community services. The students also drafted innovative plans to provide effective assistance to the poor in Sham Shui Po, which would be actualized by YWCA.


Assembly 9

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The assembly started with the Principal’s speech. In the speech, the Principal urged students to develop a proper attitude when dealing with difficulties. The speech was followed by a careers talk delivered by an alumnus, Mr. Delon Lim, a 2006 S7 graduate. In his talk, he explained the prerequisites for becoming a doctor besides sharing his experience as a doctor. The assembly ended with another talk, in which the founder of Hong Kong Homeless Dog Shelter, Miss Angela Chan, shared her experience on rescuing stray dogs.


Assembly 8

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To mark the end of the interschool Chinese Debate Invitational Tournament hosted by our school, a demonstration match with mixed team members from the 5 participating schools was held right after the Principal’s speech and prize presentation. Then our Geography and Conservancy Society promoted environmental awareness through an amusing self-produced video.


Liberal Studies Talk on Sustainable Development

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Former Director of Hong Kong Observatory Mr. Lam Chiu Ying gave an inspiring talk to S5 students on the topic “sustainable development”. With his ample knowledge about and experience in the topic, he led students to relate unsustainable lifestyle to values predominant in the contemporary world (e.g. materialism). Lam also provided a philosophical and spiritual touch on ways that we can help decelerate further damage to the nature.


Fashion Design Competition

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This annual thrill organized by the Art Club attracted a large audience again. The theme this year was Flavors of Life. 9 groups presented their designs on stage. Our exchange student and other models wearing the unique costumes walked confidently on the T-shaped runway during the performance. Each design showed the creativity of our students echoing the theme. There were 4 prizes for this event: Overall Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and the Most Popular Award, which was received by the group that obtained the largest number of votes from the audience.


Parents’ Talk

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A talk was co-organized by the PTA and Careers Team to inform S3 students and their parents of the S4 subject groups in the coming academic year as well as administrative procedures involved in subject group allocation. Moreover, a talk on how parents could facilitate their children’s life planning was also given.


Assembly 7

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The assembly started with the Principal’s speech, in which he shared with the students some useful tips for coping with adversity. The speech was followed by a first aid talk. The representative from Hong Kong St. John Ambulance introduced some first aid skills so that the students would know what to do under different emergency situations. Lastly, a representative of AFS, an international non-profit voluntary organization promoted the international exchange activities and hosting family scheme of the organization.


Parents’ Day

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The Parents’ Day embodied home-school cooperation by bringing teachers and parents together to discuss support needed for the further development of students. Moreover, display boards showcasing the school activities and student achievements were prepared to enable visitors to understand our school better. Furthermore, a book fair was arranged to promote the reading culture.


Post-exam Activities (First Term)

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Different kinds of activities were arranged for students of different levels, for example, Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme Customer Service Workshop, sex education talk, careers talk and workshops, ICAC Drama, life-planning activities, reading competition and inter-house sports competitions. The activities not only were greatly entertaining to the audience but also helped to promote the holistic growth of students.


Joint-School Astronomy Camp

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This year, our Astronomy Club and the Science Society of St. Mark’s School co-organized the Joint-School Astronomy Camp during the Lunar New Year Holidays. 40 students from CCSC and 38 students from St. Mark’s School joined the camp. Though the weather was not satisfactory, the students participated actively in various mass games and made new friends. The committee members of the Astronomy Club also gained valuable experience in organizing joint-school activities.


English Miles Award Scheme

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The English Miles Award Scheme is an initiative under English Panel to encourage the use and practice of English. It offers “miles” to students, which incentivizes the learning process, enabling students to track their progress and challenge themselves through interactive games and activities. Prizes are given as tokens of appreciation when certain miles have been accumulated.
In the first term, 3 major activities were organized for S1-S3 students, namely movie appreciation, riddles and vowel dominoes. Students were given opportunities to further develop their listening, speaking and reading skills.