School Events 2015-16

History Role Play Competition

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This year the historical figures chosen for the History Role Play Competition were Emperor Tai Zu of the Song Dynasty (S2), Hitler (S3) and Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty (S4). The Competition was held during April and May 2016. The winning classes were 2C, 3B and 4B, which then performed their pieces on stage in the hall during the post-exam period on 8th July 2016. The audience was impressed by not only the props and costumes of the classes but also their devoted acting.


Assembly 10 cum Graduation Day

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It was the last day of the school year. The Principal reviewed the performance of the students in the final examination and urged them to strengthen their strong areas and improve their weaknesses. Students were also encouraged to take part in activities promoting their healthy personal growth during the summer holidays. The assembly was followed by the Graduation Day, which was held to congratulate our S6 students on their completion of secondary school education and to say farewell to them.


Post-exam Activities (Second Term)

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Different kinds of activities were arranged for students of different levels, for example, sex education talks, annual drama, Chinese debate, movie appreciation, careers talk and sport demonstration. The activities not only were greatly entertaining to the audience but also helped to promote the holistic growth of students.


Singing Contest Final 2016

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The singing contest final included solo and group divisions. Around 40 students from 100 entering the final grabbed the chance to display their music talents. A variety of songs sung in English, Cantonese, Putonghua, Korean and Japanese were selected by the contestants. Besides singing, some of them performed their songs with rock band instruments and pop dances. The amazing performance won the applause of the audience. The activity was concluded by a performance from the alumni who were frequent winners of our previous singing contests.


Assembly 9

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The assembly started with the Principal’s speech, in which he stressed the importance of showing respect to others and honesty. After that, the winners in the Verse Speaking and Instrumental Competitions organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association gave exemplary performances, which were interleaved by student sharing sessions. Students joining study trips to Guilin, Shandong and Nanjing during the Easter holidays shared their experiences and feelings when visiting these places. Also, the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme was introduced. The assembly ended with a presentation by representatives of the ‘Care and Concern’ program concluding the services they provided this school year.


Fashion Design Competition

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The theme of the fashion design competition this year, organized by the Art Club, was Remembrance. 7 groups presented their designs on stage. Models wearing the unique costumes walked confidently on the T-shaped runway during the performance. Each design showed the creativity of our students and the precious memories of their lives or even the collective memories of Hong Kong. The activity attracted a large audience and aroused their excitement. There were 4 prizes for this event: Overall Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and the Most Popular Award, which was received by the group that obtained the largest number of votes from the audience.


Experiential Learning Series on “Poverty”

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Nineteen S4 students studied the demography, allocation of community resources and quality of life in Sham Shui Po under the guidance of social workers from YWCA. They also experienced the life of scavengers and the homeless. Besides, they chatted and dined with homeless people to understand their genuine needs and difficulties. The participants could thus connect what they learnt in lessons and reference materials with realistic contexts and construct further knowledge and values.


Assembly 8

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After the prize presentation, representatives from the Community Services Student Team shared with the fellow schoolmates their experience in providing voluntary services and urged the schoolmates to give them support in the coming fund-raising activity. The assembly ended with an inter-house reading quiz called “Who Wants to be a Brilliant Reader”, which is one of the programs for promoting reading habits in students. In the end, Blue House became the champion.


Assembly 7

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In view of the recent surge in the number of student suicide cases in Hong Kong, the Principal urged the students to face problems positively whenever difficulties are encountered in his speech. The speech was followed by a careers talk delivered by an alumnus, Mr. Dick Hui, a 1995 S7 graduate. He shared with our students the factors leading to the road of success. The talk was then followed by a presentation on gender equality by a student representative of the Unicef Young Envoys programme.


Hunger Banquet

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To arouse students’ awareness on how uneven distribution of resources leads to poverty and famine in underdeveloped countries, the Liberal Studies Association jointly organized a Hunger Banquet with Oxfam. Around 50 students participated and $2,160 was raised. The Parent-Teacher Association generously sponsored all the expenses of this meaningful activity and their kind assistance is much appreciated.


English Carnival

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With the theme “Let’s Party! – the World’s Best Festivals”, the English Carnival this year featured board display and game stalls about various festivals around the globe, such as Tomato Festival from Spain, Beer Festival from Germany and Saint Patrick’s Day from Ireland. The Carnival was well received and students treasured the chance to practise English.


The Little Prince Book Party

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It was held by the Reading Promotion Working Group in the School Library. Followed by the Principal’s welcome speech, the Chairpersons of the Chinese and English Panels and the exchange student from Denmark talked about their favourite parts of this world-loved classic in different versions, namely, Chinese, English and French.
A big collection related to the story, including the story titles of different editions, board games, CD recordings, etc, was displayed. Participants included students of different levels and parents were also invited. The winning entry for the Little Prince Bookmark Competition was printed as souvenirs and the board with signatures of every participant is now displayed outside the School Library.