School Events 2014-15

2014 Assembly 10 cum Graduation Day

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In the assembly, the Principal reviewed the examination performance of students and advised them on how to spend their summer holidays in a meaningful and fruitful way. The assembly was followed by the Graduation Day, which was held to congratulate our S6 students on their graduation and to say farewell to them.


Post-exam Activities (Second Term)

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Different kinds of activities were arranged for students of different levels, for example, sex education talks, personal finance management workshop, careers talk and workshop, drug education talk, Chinese debate and movie appreciation. The activities not only were greatly entertaining to the audience but also helped to promote the holistic growth of students.


Singing Contest Final

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The singing contest included solo and group divisions. Around 60 students entering the final grabbed the chance to display their music talents. Besides singing, some of them performed their songs with rock band instruments and pop dances. The fantastic performance won the applause of the audience. The activity was concluded by a performance from a group of alumni who were frequent winners of our previous singing contests.


History Role Play Competition

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This year the historical figures chosen for the History Role Play Competition were Emperor Tang Taizong(S2), Nelson Mandela (S3) and Princess Diana (S4). The preliminaries of the History Role Play Competition were held during March and April 2015. The four contesting classes that entered the final round of the Competition this year were 2B, 3D, 4B and 4D. After viewing the wonderful performances of these contesting classes, the judges selected 4D to be the champion, 4B the first runner-up and 3D the second runner-up.


2014 Assembly 9

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The assembly started with a sharing session by a group of students on a service trip to Sichuan during the Easter holidays. They shared what they saw in a school which was ravaged in an earthquake. After that, the winners in the Verse Speaking and Instrumental Competitions organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association gave an exemplary performance. The assembly ended with the Principal’s speech and prize presentation. In the speech, the students were encouraged to continue striving hard despite facing failures as well as reflect constantly if they were to improve their assessment outcomes.


Fashion Design Competition

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The theme of the fashion design competition this year, organized by the Art Club, was Future World. 10 groups presented their designs on stage. Models wearing the unique costumes walked confidently on the T-shaped runway during the performance. Each design showed the creativity of our students and their perspective of the future. The activity attracted a large audience and aroused their excitement. There were 4 prizes for this event: Overall Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and the Most Popular Award, which was received by the group that obtained the largest number of votes from the audience.


2014 Assembly 8

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An anti-drug talk and a careers talk were arranged. The anti-drug talk was organized by Lions Club of Hong Kong and co-organized by the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abuses. In the talk, anti-drug messages were conveyed by means of experience sharing and songs. In the careers talk, two alumni, Ray Cheung (1987 S7 graduate) and Simon Wong (2008 S7 graduate) shared their experiences as pilots in Cathay Pacific Airways.


2014 Assembly 7

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After the Principal’s speech and prize presentation, a representative from Wiseman, the service provider of English Builder trial program, gave a demonstration on how to access the online exercises which all S1 to S5 students had to do during the Easter holidays. The demonstration was followed by an Inter-house Debate with the motion “It is more advantageous for the Hong Kong Government to implement ‘Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme’”. At last, the Joint Blue & Red House Team beat the Joint Green & Yellow House Team.


English Carnival Drama Production 2015

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The English Chanters proudly presented their second production “Be Healthy Be Slim” as the English Carnival opening performance in March 2015. The drama highlighted how the stress of pushing others to keep fit can harm interpersonal relationships. The cast of the drama comprised 20 students from S2 to S4. The energy and passion of the students was visible on stage. The vocal skills, physicality and acting abilities of the performers were of a very high level. The team (please see the list below) captured the attention of the audience and earned a big round of applause.

Hugh (main cast) 4B Poon Chak Tim Jason
Emma (main cast) 3B Xian Haozeng Holly
Aunt Sylvia (main cast) 4B Yiu Yu Kiu Snowie
Mother (main cast) 3C Chung Ho Ying Desiree
Marketing Team Leader 4A Wong Ling Yan Lianna
Marketing Team 2A Wong Tsz Wing Joyce
Marketing Team 4A Tsoi Hang Kimberly
Marketing Team 4B Lo Tuen Yin Andy
Marketing Team (& Backstage) 4B Lin Shu Cheong Leo
Brad (& Backstage) 3B Moosa Brian Sharif Brian
Meryl 4E Cheng Yuk Pui Jenna
Hall mate 2D Wong Pui Ting Benita
Hall mate 3C Ku Cheuk Fan Stephen
Hall mate 4B Hung Wing Yan Michelle
Strawberry’s assistant 4D Lai Yuen Tung Cherry
Instructor Strawberry 4D Ying Lung Yi Vanessa
Unhealthy Boy 4D Lam Ting Hin Justin
Unhealthy Boy 4E Lo Hiu Yeung Ronald
Stage Manager 2A Yang Cairong Sofia


Parents’ Talk

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A talk was co-organized by the PTA and Careers Team to inform S3 students and their parents of the S4 subject groups in the coming academic year as well as administrative procedures involved in subject group allocation. Moreover, the representative from Leap Of Mind also gave a talk on assisting students’ life planning.


Hunger Banquet

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To arouse students’ understanding on how wars and uneven distribution of resources lead to poverty and famine, the History Society and the Liberal Studies Association jointly organized a Hunger Banquet with Oxfam. 75 students participated and $2,200 was raised by students and parents. The Parent-Teacher Association generously sponsored this meaningful activity and made a donation of $2,200, making up the total to be $4,400.


Visit of Teachers of United Christian College (East Kowloon)

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To promote exchanges on the use of iPad minis and PowerLesson with other schools, a group of teachers from United Christian College (East Kowloon) visited our School. Our teachers demonstrated how more opportunities for students to participate in discussion could be offered in S1 Chinese and how more specific feedback could be provided to help students develop higher-order thinking skills in S5 Physics. Moreover, through lesson observations, our teachers and visitors shared the experiences of designing student-centred activities with the help of iPad minis and PowerLesson.