Fashion Design Competition 2014

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The theme of the fashion design competition this year, organized by the Art Club, was Natural Beauty. 10 groups presented their designs on stage. Models wearing the unique costumes walked confidently on the T-shaped runway during the performance. Each design showed the beauty of nature and the creativity of our students. The activity attracted a large audience and aroused their excitement. There were 4 prizes for this event: Overall Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and the Most Popular Award, which was received by the group that obtained the largest number of votes from the audience.


Assembly 10 cum Graduation Day

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It was the last day of the school year. The Graduation Day was specially held to congratulate our S6 students on their graduation and to say farewell to them. The occasion also signified the completion of the junior secondary education of our S3 students. In the assembly, the Principal also advised the students on how to spend the summer holiday in a meaningful way.


Post examination activities (second term)

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There were different talks and shows arranged for students of different levels, for example, annual drama, Chinese debate, sex education talk, careers talk and film appreciation. The activities were not only informative but also greatly entertaining to the audience.


History Role Play Competition

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This year the historical figures chosen for the History Role Play Competition were Emperor Qianlong (S2), Lenin (S3) and Mrs. Margaret Thatcher (S4). The preliminaries of the History Role Play Competition were held during March and April 2014. The five contesting classes that entered the final round of the Competition this year were 2C, 3B, 3C, 4B and 4C. After viewing the wonderful performances of these contesting classes, the judges selected 4C to be the champion, 4B the first runner-up and 3C the second runner-up.


Singing Contest Final

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The singing contest included solo and group divisions. Around 50 students entering the final grabbed the chance to display their music talents. Besides singing, some of them performed their songs with other musical instruments. The fantastic performance won the applause of the audience. The activity was concluded by a performance from our guest performer Mr. Lee Lok Yan, a famous internet singer.


Assembly 9

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The assembly started with the Principal’s speech. In his speech, the Principal talked about the setting of targets and adjustment to changes. After that, the winners in the Verse Speaking, Public Speaking and Instrumental Competitions organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association gave an exemplary performance for the fellow schoolmates.


45th Anniversary Dinner

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To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Cheung Chuk Shan College, a fine dinner was hosted at Maxim’s Palace Chinese Restaurant, Now more and more people like cheap replica watches. Shun Tak Centre. More than 700 alumni attended the function, which offered a precious chance of reunion with former schoolmates and teachers.


Assembly 8

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Mr. Hui Ching Yu, a 1995 S7 graduate, delivered a careers talk. In his talk, he reminded our students of the necessary qualities required for different jobs. The talk was followed by a sharing session on social inclusion by our Community Services Student team. Lastly, the Principal briefly introduced the person that the School was named after and also the Five Districts Business Welfare Association, the sponsoring body of our School.


Assembly 7

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Rosemary Ng, an S5 student and the champion in the Global Teen 2013, presented her experience of a study trip to the UK and the audience were engrossed in her sharing. The presentation was followed by an Inter-house Debate with the motion “The policy that people with one-year residence are eligible for CSSA application is too loose”. At last, the Joint Blue & Yellow House Team beat the Joint Green & Red House Team.


English Carnival 2014

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The English Society has chosen ‘Movies’ as the theme for the English Carnival this year. The event was kicked off with the first-ever English drama ‘A Day to Remember’ performed by the English Chanters and English Ambassadors, which attracted more than 200 students and teachers to attend as audience during lunchtime on 24 March 2014. It was then followed by games and activities during the week in the School Hall to give students chances to enjoy themselves through some fun ways in learning English. The Carnival ended with a grand lucky draw that gave away plenty of small tokens to students of different levels.


Assembly 6

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After the Principal’s speech and prize presentation, there was a talk on voluntary service by a college lecturer of the Community College at Lingnan College. The talk was followed by a book sharing section by the Principal. Lastly, using video clips, representatives from Geography Society conveyed the messages about the adverse effects of using foam lunch boxes on the environment and how to alleviate the problem.


Parents’ Day

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To enhance closer home-school cooperation, the Parents’ Day for the First Term was organized. It provided an opportunity for parents and teachers to meet, discuss and make necessary plans for the holistic growth and further development of students. Moreover, display boards showcasing the school activities and student achievements were prepared to enable visitors to understand our school better.