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4 S3-5 students joined the programme from 29 July to 13 August 2018. The students participated in lessons and projects to enrich their understanding on moral values such as social justice, racism and gender equality. Outside the classroom, our students met with the local citizens from all over the world and developed intercultural skills to communicate with people from different backgrounds. They have learnt and enjoyed a lot in the trip.

The following are the reflections written by two of the participants of the camp.

Our trip to canada is surely a once in a lifetime experience. During the camp, other than what you normally do when travelling such as shopping and visiting monuments, we had lessons that made us understand more about social justice, along with some more that introduced us French. Joining Camp PULSE not only granted me an opportunity to explore a country that I’ve never been to, it also gave me the chance to make friends with people living thousands of miles away, and with different origins. Camp PULSE gave me some of the best momemts of my life and it’s something that I’ll always look back on.

5B Hong Man Kwan, Marco

Joining this Camp PULSE means a lot to me. Lessons arranged not only let me share more about myself and get to know each other more, but also made me think more about social injustice and other interpersonal issues, either in wartime or in current days. It also offered me a great opportunity to explore Canada, the country with people from different parts of the world and meet new friends, including the local instructors and peers coming along with me.

5B Hung Yin Kwan, Sam