Pupil Guidance Team

Pupil Guidance Team

  1. Functions
    1. To encourage students to pursue a balanced personal development in the following aspects: moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual.
    2. To introduce knowledge useful for personal growth to students and encourage them to develop positive values.
    3. To facilitate students’ integration into the community.
    4. To help students tackle personal problems.

  2. Members
    Chairlady : Mrs. A Ng
    Vice-chairman : Mr. P Lui, Miss Lai
    Secretary : Mr. Kan
    Members : Miss Cheng, Miss AC Lam,Miss KP Li, Mr. Lo, Mr. So, Mrs. Tong, Mr. SM Wong
    School social workers : Miss W Wong (Tue & Thurs), Miss B Leung (Wed & Fri)
    Back Row : Miss Lai, Miss AC Lam, Mrs. Tong, Mr. Kan, Mr. So, Mr. P Lui, Mr. SM Wong, Mr. Lo
    Front Row : Miss Hon, Miss Cheng, Miss KP Li, Mrs. A Ng, Miss B Leung, Miss W Wong

  3. Programmes
    1. Peer Counsellors Scheme
      – Helping S.1 students adapt to the new school life and develop proper moral values through peer support.
      – Developing Peer Counsellors’ self-confidence and communication skills.
      Teachers Responsible : Miss Lai, Mr. Lo, Mrs. A. Ng

      Student List for 2016-17
      4A Tsang Anson
      4B Chu Man Yin
      4B Ng Cheuk Wing
      4B Wong Hiu Yee
      4C Cheuk Ho Wan
      4C Ko Ah

      4A Hui Ho Cheong
      4B Shing Wing Yan
      4C Ng Hoi Shan
      4C Ng Mei
      4C Yeung Sin Yau
      4C Yeung Kit Yee Lilian

      4A Chiu Cheuk Yiu
      4B Chu Chun Ki
      4B Tsoi Yi Kwan
      4B Zhao Jia Lin
      4C Yip Chung Hin
      4D Chan Tsz Wing

      4A Chow Man Yee
      4C Chan Cheuk Yi
      4C Chan Hoi Man
      4C Chong Tung Yim
      4C Lau Lok Yung
      4D Ng Po Yan

      4B Chan Tsz Yau
      4B Hong Man Kwan
      4B Yu Chun Wai
      4C Chan Hiu Yee Hilary
      4C Ng Yvette
      4D Wong Wing Lam
      Peer Counsellor

    2. S1 Moral Education Camp
      Objective: Through the whole series of disciplinary training, students can develop better self-discipline and communication skills.
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    3. S1 Orientation

        To familiarize with their peer counselors and have a brief introduction to the school.
    S1 Orientation

  4. Useful Link
    香港青年協會青年輔導中心 http://libra.hkfyg.org.hk:8080/ycc/chi/index.html
    突破機構 http://www.breakthrough.org.hk/index?lang=zh
    香港基督教服務處 http://www.hkcs.org/service/gcb.html
    歷奇輔導協會有限公司 http://www.adventure.org.hk/
    香港撒瑪利亞防止自殺會 http://www.sbhk.org.hk/